A Hopeful Transmission | Five


One of my favorite movies, Lost in Translation is about two characters who find themselves in a strange city, dealing with depression. I watched this movie for the first time my freshmen fall semester and I remember feeling exactly what the girl, Charlotte, was feeling.

We make a lot of choices in this world that affect our future and our lives, but then again, a great chunk of our life is the way it is, not because of a choice. I’m going to community college and that certainly wasn’t a choice I made. Ever since high school I’ve dreamed about moving out of state to a college and town that I really truly loved. Yet here I am.

Charlotte in the movie, is in Tokyo because of her husbands job. After she goes and visits a temple, she calls up a friend of hers crying saying,

 I went to this temple and all these monks were chanting and I didn’t feel anything. John’s been using these hair products and I don’t know who I married anymore.

While I don’t have a husband and I haven’t experienced a temple with monks chanting, the thing that gets Charlotte emotional- I do understand. It is the terrible feeling of nothing at all. Not feeling anger, sadness, or frustration. The feeling of being lost in your life and having nothing inside. No sense of self. It’s painfully, relatable. At least for me at this time.

Summertime always infects me with wanderlust. I want to go places, see things, meet people. But the reality is I’m stuck here, at least in this part of my life. But something I forget, which my best friend reminded me of recently; sometimes even if you do travel to escape depression, you only find yourself depressed in different places. Which is the problem Bob and Charlotte have (the main characters of Lost in Translation). 

Something about the movie that has always stuck out to me, is the ending. The fact that it’s not a super duper sunshine and unicorns ending. It’s actually very straight forth and honest ending that sometimes, life doesn’t just fix itself. We get sad, we get anxious, we get happy, we get depressed… and life goes on. We must go on. No matter where we are.



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