Million Years Ago | Six


I have this nasty habit of about once every couple of weeks I have one day, one godawful day; where I am haunted by memories. I would use the word nostalgia to describe the feeling, but that isn’t an accurate description. Nostalgia makes it sound like a positive experience and that is not the experience at all. This feeling makes me on the brink of tears.

It’s not necessarily something horrible or life ruining, but it always makes me over think everything, which is not always a good thing. Today, is one of those days. So I thought I would share with you a sample of what’s going on inside my head.

Why have so many relationships fizzled out into nothingness? Why have I not moved on from my problems? Why does it hurt so much to think of someone I almost forgot? What is this feeling, is it something natural? Why do I regret so many things? Why don’t I feel accomplished, though I do have some achievements? Why am I still alone.

It’s one of the most fascinating mysteries, at least to me, what your mind allows you to forget and what to always remember. Today, I am haunted by memories.


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